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Speaker Layouts

Present all the speakers and participants in GenesisExpo`s beautiful layouts. Choose your favorite variant of layout and create your own. You can create also single speaker profile with all relevant information.

[Event Schedules]
Different Timetables

GenesisExpo includes different variants of timetable. Whether you would like to show a general overview and timetables of the events, or you are looking to make an in-depth event content showcase, choose which one.

[Astonishing Layouts]
Blogging with Style

Feel free to launch and run your blog, make it in a very professional way. Powerful post options offer greater control over each post, allowing each one to have their own custom settings. Theme included different post formats.

[Show Your Works]
Incredible Portfolio

Show your gorgeous projects using our portfolio, which includes different styles like: gride, masonry. Masonry layout allows displaying projects as a fancy column-based. Grid is a perfect solution in case you need to display projects in columns.

[Create Own Shop]
Advanced Online Shop

GenesisExpo brings full options to build an online shop. This theme is powered by WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce platform.

[Rich Bunch]
Awesome Inner Pages

GenesisExpo included great number of beautiful inner pages. Show your projects using the ready-to-go pages. Create your incredible website right now!

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